Why Lehigh Wheel straightener?

Lehigh SR-2410 rim straightening has been proven to be the very best wheel straightening machine from its design, its reliability, its durability, and its efficiency, and its performance.
The installation of one rim on this machine is a matter of one minute. And the rim will be secured at the lug hole positions via radial clamp. When a rim is installed on SR-2410 wheel straightening machine, it is automatically centered with the spindle bearing. That gives measurable accuracy, for which most other machines do NOT have.
Each rim can be set up its working position for facing up, or facing down, or facing on sideway just like the position on the tire change machine so that the operator can easily work on all kind of bents without taking the rim off the machine until they are all fixed. This is very important for production shops so that they can use one SR-2410 alloy wheel rim straightening machine to fix up to 60 to 80 rims a day.
The hydraulic system on SR-2410 alloy wheel straightening machine is specially designed so that it is more powerful than other kind of alloy wheel straightening equipment, but yet, it moves in a controllable manner so that the rim to be repaired is unlikely cracked during the repair process, which happens every day on many other low cost wheel straightening machines.  
"Can't beleive its almost 7 years since purchasing both Lehigh rim repair CNC machine and wheel straightener. It was definitely the smartest thing I did to grow my business to where it is today. Both machines have been fantastic and could not live without them. They are running all day everyday and never miss a beat. It is hard to find machines that are built of this quality in today's market and it's a credit to all team at Lehigh." ​​​​
Wheel Solutions Melbourne, Austrilia
"The rim straightening machine we purchased is high quality, and the customer service has been excellent. ​" Benny St. Mary Tire Shop St. Mary's, West Virginia
St. Mary Tire Shop, St. Mary's, WV
"Before buying a wheel straightening machine several years ago I did a lot of research. I chose the Lehigh machine because of the durable design, features and accessories. It has been a workhorse for us and an extremely reliable machine. Any time we have a question, we receive excellent and timely support from Lehigh company. You will not go wrong buying a Lehigh machine - this machine is a MONEY MAKER! "
City Tire Service Hendersonville, NC
"The SR-2410 is the best Wheel Straightener on the market. It’s ease of use, productivity rate, and quality of repair far surpasses other straighteners. With over 15 years experience in the field of Wheel Repair and Wheel Remanufacturing, I keep up on all the latest and greatest technologies and techniques that come out every year. No company has yet produced a product to compete with the Lehigh SR-2410. ​"
Wheel Repair Expert Consu​ltant Phoenix, Arizona

Powerful & Easy Process

Hydraulic Wheel Straightener

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There are two hydraulic cylinders on Lehigh SR-2410 alloy wheel straightening machine. One is designed for radial direction bent (or radial runout) and the other one is designed for lateral bent (or lateral runout).

Heavy duty steel tubing base and frame

Powerful hydraulic push/pull ram

Spindle flip over with power switch

Straightening rims up to 24" in diameter

Maximum workable rim depth up to 10"

Straightening both radial and lateral bents

Centering rims in terms of precision 6-jaw chuck

Adjustable lug bolt patterns within 2.5" to 7.25"

Apply to rims with 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 lug bolt hole patterns

Rigid boxed steel frame with 1/2" thickness

Efficient design to save setting-up time

Straighten rims to meet high industrial standard

Small foot print to save shop space​ 

6-jaw chuck with centering jaws

ACME screw with locking nut

Radial lug clamp with 4 lug holes

Radial lug clamp with 5 lug holes 

Radial lug clamp with 6 lug holes 

Centering crank (centering jaws of 6-jaw chuck)

Pull hook set (#1,#2, and #3)

Push lever

Build-in dial indicator with flexible arm 

Torque wrench

Hydraulic pump (1 HP)

Lip hand tool

Step 1.   Inspect the rim carefully for possible cracks and serious damages.

Step 2.   If the rim is deemed to be reparable, mount the rim on SR-2410 bender.

Step 3.   Positively LOCK the rim with torque wrench before apply any force.

Step 4.   Heat the aluminum rim before attempting to straighten it.

Step 5.   Locate the dent area and bend spots on the rim.

Step 6.   Select the desired Pull Hook.

Step 7.   Adjust vertical ram position to the depth of the bending.

Step 8.   Use dial indicator to check the roundness before any attempt to push or pull.
Step 9.   Push the Ram Control Switch to pull / or push on the rim.
Step 10. Repeat the pull / or push on the rim to reach the required tolerance.
​Step 11. Rotate the rim and work on the other side of the rim.
Step 12. Remove the rim from the bender and inspect the rim again fully.

Easy Installation

wheel straightener

Set rim on the wheel straightener

alloy wheel straightener

Engage the center with Center lever

wheel straightening machine

Center the rim on the machine

wheel repair equipment

Apply radial lug to the rim

alloy wheel repair machine

Release Center lever engage Lock

wheel repair equipment

Install and tighten ACME lock nut

Q & A for Rim Straightener

This is a question that none can give a very accurate answer. To begin with, we have to know how many cars, vans and trucks are there in the world. Based upon the statistics by US Publisher Ward’s, more than 1.1 billion motor vehicles in use as of the year of 2010. This number is actually increasing every day. Presently, there are 1.4 billion cars in use worldwide, among which 1.1 billion are passenger cars.  If only 3 % of cars have been considered damaged with some kind of bent, that number represents 300 million bent rims out there.
When one of the wheels is bent on the vehicle, it may cause a number of problems when to continue to drive without repairing. Every time the flat spot his the road as the rim runs, the vehicle has to react with some kind of vibrations, which can lead to problems with alignment, tire pressure monitoring system, ball joints, and more. It will also cause uneven wear to tires. For the rim is bent seriously, the vehicle can be used for normal driving.
The term wheel runout, or, out of round, refers to a rim or a wheel that is not perfectly round. There are two kinds of runout for the wheels. 
    One is so called radial runout, which indicates that there is inconsistence from the wheel center to any point on the rim, which results in up and down hopping when it spins. By Wheel Repair Guidelines, the inboard & outboard bead diameter must be straight with maximum radial runout within 0.020”.
    The other runout is so called lateral runout, which indicated the extra amount of sideway motion, or by common language, the amount of “wobble” in a wheel as it rotates.  By Wheel Repair Guidelines, the inboard & outboard flange must be straight with maximum later runout within 0.015”.
 There are multiple kinds of processes available for fixing bent wheels or rims. However, the most popular one is to use the hydraulic system due to its simplicity, which involves the following aspects in order to fix the bent rim quickly:
    – Simple and quick installation
    – Centering the wheel with measurable accuracy
    – Set up a wheel in up positon, down position and side position
    – Powerful hydraulic system with controllable movement
    – Super Heavy Duty with massive stability