Improving Rim Surface Finish with Mini Cool Air Mist Kit

Wheel repair machine tech tip

A Noga MC-1700 mini cool system has been installed to this machine.

A coolant system is used to cool down the surface temperature on the cutting tool while it is machining with high-speed in order to provide longer tool life and better surface finishes. For most machine shop applications, the coolant system is a must for majority of CNC machines. 
However, for diamond cut wheel repair and refinishing CNC lathe, the average cutting volume for each regular pass on the alloy wheel surface is usually less than 0.010” (0.25 mm), which should not raise the surface temperature substantially during the machining. Therefore, it is quite common practice in most wheel repair shops to carry out all the machining work without using the coolant system in order to avoid hazard issues with the working environment.
After all, even with minimal consumption of the coolant liquid over the diamond cut wheel repair CNC machines, you can not avoid the fact that this kind of liquid is not very clean and not very easy to be contained and not friendly with the working environment.
The question is: “What else can be considered if the coolant liquid is not used?”
Can we provide something that is clean to the working environment and also to be helpful with the surface finish for alloy wheel repair shop applications?
Cool air mist kit

Cool air mist kit

Cool air mist

Shop applications

Cool air mist kit

Noga MC-1700 unit

 Based upon this special consideration, one of the advanced mini cool air systems can be employed to apply cool air flew, or an air and oil mixture onto the diamond cut wheel repair and refinishing CNC lathe with the benefit of providing the following: Excellent Surface Finish and Very Clean Working Environment.

Cool air mist kit

Easy setting of the air hose

cool air mist kit

Magnetic base for installation

Cool air mist kit

Another working position

  1. You will need to have the shop air supply with 90 PSI in order to provide air flow desirable for your diamond cut wheel repair and refinishing machine.
  2. You will need to have the hardware with the control valve in order to adjust the air flow mist volume, or the air and oil mixture onto the cutting tool insert.
  3. You will need something to secure the cooling system onto the tool post for your diamond cut wheel repair and refinishing CNC lathe machine.
Mini cool air mist kit

On / Off Control Switch

Cool air mist kit for alloy wheel repair

Noga MC-1700 unit with user friendly Air flow control.

There is a great Mini Cool Kit by NOGA Manufacture, Noga MC-1700 Mini-Cool Kit, which is considered the very best product and yet most economical unit (available from It is very simple to use with rugged construction and very strong magnetic base so that it can be easily mount on the tool post and / or on the cross slide in a matter of a few second. And it is a portable unit and it can be installed or removed any time that you decide to do so.

In terms of the air flow control, it has the most user-friendly design. Also, it can separate air flow control and oil fluid mixture control to allow for right mixture for every job if necessary. If you would like to keep the same exact flow pressure each time when you are doing diamond cut, there is a set screw that can be adjusted to that position. The black know pulls out to activated flow ON. To shut it OFF, simple twist gold thimble below the black know to reduce the air.

Cool air mist kit

View of the cool air hose at cutting insert tip

cool air mist kit

View of the magnetic base on cross slide

With the help of strong cool air flow at the cutting tool tip, all the chips from the diamond cut CNC lathe machining process will be removed immediately off the alloy wheel surface. This will reduce and eliminate the damages due to the curling chips coming off the cutting bit from the machining process with very high speed which could smash back to the wheel surfaces which were already machined and leave new undesirable marks on the alloy wheel surface again.

One of the common questions from many wheel repair shops is regarding to the best cutting oil (if applicable) for applications during the diamond cut machining process. In other words, Which Cutting Oil should be Applied in order to Improve the Surface Finish of the most common Alloy Wheels?  The Answer to that question is A-9 Aluminum Cutting Oil.

A-9 Aluminum cutting fluid is highly recommended for a great lubricant with all aluminum cutting and machining work. It contains a scientific blend of chemicals that attach to aluminum surfaces, forming an extreme-pressure boundary lubricant between the cutting tool and the surface of alloy wheels.