Alloy Wheel Repair CNC Machine

 Moving Instructions

Quite often, due to the business expansion with alloy wheel repair shops, one needs to move the entire shop to a new facillity at different location. During this kind of moving, it is very important to prepare your alloy wheel CNC lathe ahead of time and in a professional way to safeguard this important equipment, which is also a major investment to your wheel repair business.

wheel repair machine
Two Lehigh MR-2540 diamond cutting wheel refinishing CNC lathes are prepared for truck delivery arrangement. 
The logistics process for shipping this heavy and expensive equipment focus on maximizing the safety and security measument and achiving smooth and easy transition.  First of all, the machine must be fully cleaned. Then, all tooling and loosen items must be carefully removed from alloy wheel repair CNC lathe and be safely packed into the shipping boxes.  In addition, the lubrication oil must be removed and emptied from the oil reservoir, etc.
The following is a short list for the standard procedure of shipping preparations of alloy wheel diamond cutting CNC lathe.
1. Disconnect electric power
Ask your electrician to disconnect electrical power to this alloy wheel  repair CNC lathe before starting any work.

Please also disconnect and remove the power surge protection unit for PC from the electrical panel as well.


Elctric power switch

2.  Remove lubrication oil 

Empty the lubrication oil from the large coolant tank located on the right-hand side of the casting base.
The trucker can not ship a machine with surplus oil stored inside. Because  the oil inside alloy wheel CNC machine could create hazardous condition on roadways, may result in serious fines. 
oil tank

3. Clean the entire alloy wheel repair machine

Remove all the chips from the wheel CNC lathe. Then add enough lubrication oil on the bedways and cross slide as well as the 4-way tool post before shipment.

tool post

4. Remove the probe

Remove the digitizing prob and cable from the front panel of ally wheel CNC lathe. Please remove the stylus tip and pack them in a solid box very carefully to avoid potentialdamages during the shipping.

pendant box

5. Remove the pendant box and cable

Take the pendant box and cable off the front panel of alloy wheel CNC lathe. Please pack them with bubble wraps first as safety cover and keep them in a rigid box very carefully to avoid potential damages.

pendant box
6.  Remove tool holder 
Collect all tool holders, chuck keys and other loose items which are installed or daily used on alloy wheel repair CNC lathe. Pack them with bubble sheets into a different package before shipping.
tool hold

7.   Collect leveling pads and bolts

Please collect all (6) leveling pads and (6) leveling bolts for alloy wheel CNC lathe in advance. Wrap them with bubble sheets and keep them at the bottom of the package before shipping. 

leveling pad an bolt
8.   Install sheet metal panels

Install all the sheet metal panels back onto the alloy wheel CNC lathe in case they have been removed for any reasons.

Please use two Allen Bolts (6 mm) to secure the rear window panel. Also, please close and secure the large electric panel on the back. 
back panel
9.   Secure sliding doors
Secure the front sliding doors for alloy wheel repair CNC lathe with very strong ties or heavy-duty tapes in multiple loops. Once the truck is on the highway, there are lots of Starts and Stops which could result in serious vibrations and cause damages if the sliding doors are somehow opened during the trip.
front door

10.   Protect operator’s panel

Cover the operator’s panel in front of the alloy wheel repair CNC lathe with bubble sheet.

operator's panel
11.   Cover touch screen monitor
Place a proper sized cardbord on the touch screen and wrap the monitor and control station of alloy wheel repair CNC lathe with soft bubble sheets all around as shown. Then, please provide shrink wrap all around this touch screen monitor for its safety. 
touch screen monitor
12.   Install wooden pallet
Install the wooden pallet for the support of the touch screen monitor and control station of alloy wheel repair CNC lathe in order to use forklift to move it around and load it onto the truck for shipping it from current shop to new shop location and unload it again safely at the new shop..
Wheel CNC Lathe
13. Install locking bolts
Install at least (4) to (6) long bolts through the holes on the base of alloy wheel CNC lathe and the wooden pallet to secure the machine to the pallet before loading it up onto the truck.
wheel CNC lathe
14. Secure touching screen monitor
Install the wood blocks to secure the supporting arm of the touch screen monitor of alloy wheel refinishing CNC lathe.
touch screen monitor
15. Secure accessory package
Secure the package with the probe, pendant box and other tool holders from alloy wheel refinishing CNC lathe onto the pallet.
tooling package
16. Shrink wrap entire machine
Please provide shrink wraps all around the alloy wheel refinishing CNC lathe to prevent some potential problems during the truck delivery shipment.
shrink wrapped machine