Rim Straightener Q & A

Q: How Many Bent Rims are out there? 

 A: This is a question that none can give a very accurate answer. To begin with, we have to know how many cars, vans and trucks are there in the world. Based upon the statistics by US Publisher Ward’s, more than 1.1 billion motor vehicles in use as of the year of 2010. This number is actually increasing every day. Presently, there are 1.4 billion cars in use worldwide, among which 1.1 billion are passenger cars.  If only 3 % of cars have been considered damaged with some kind of bent, that number represents 300 million bent rims out there.
Q: Why bent rims must be fixed?
A: When one of the wheels is bent on the vehicle, it may cause a number of problems when to continue to drive without repairing. Every time the flat spot his the road as the rim runs, the vehicle has to react with some kind of vibrations, which can lead to problems with alignment, tire pressure monitoring system, ball joints, and more. It will also cause uneven wear to tires. For the rim is bent seriously, the vehicle can be used for normal driving.
Q: What is the standard to fix the bent rim?
A: The term wheel runout, or, out of round, refers to a rim or a wheel that is not perfectly round. There are two kinds of runout for the wheels. 
    One is so called radial runout, which indicates that there is inconsistence from the wheel center to any point on the rim, which results in up and down hopping when it spins. By Wheel Repair Guidelines, the inboard & outboard bead diameter must be straight with maximum radial runout within 0.020”.
    The other runout is so called lateral runout, which indicated the extra amount of sideway motion, or by common language, the amount of “wobble” in a wheel as it rotates.  By Wheel Repair Guidelines, the inboard & outboard flange must be straight with maximum later runout within 0.015”.
Q: What takes to build great Alloy Wheel Straightening machine?
A: There are multiple kinds of processes available for fixing bent wheels or rims. However, the most popular one is to use the hydraulic system due to its simplicity, which involves the following aspects in order to fix the bent rim quickly:
Simple and quick installation:

1. Centering the wheel with measurable accuracy.

2. Set up a wheel in up positon, down position and side position.

3. Powerful hydraulic system with controllable movement.

4. Super Heavy Duty with massive stability.