Wheel CNC Machine Q & A

Questions should be asked before purchasing  Alloy Wheel ­­­Diamond Cut CNC lathe Machine?
1) Where the Diamond Cut Wheel Machine is made? 

If it is not made in USA, your investment is already in danger. The simple reason is that every Alloy Wheel CNC lathe machine will need services soon or later, in particular, when you buy a low cost, imported diamond cut wheel machine made in overseas, you may have to deal with them, most likely from day one. Even if you purchase a low cost, imported so called Hi-Tech diamond cut wheel machine from a vender who is located in USA, that will NOT solve the problem. Most venders did not have design and manufacturing experience with this kind of machines, and they do not have the skills and expertise to help you with the machine made by someone else. Made in USA Matters!
2) How many reputational rim and wheel repair shops in USA have been using the same Diamond Cut machines?

More than 70% of professional rim repair shops in USA and CANADA have Lehigh ­­MR-2540 Diamond Cut Wheel machines is a simple fact. When you check out with some venders who have the low cost, imported alloy wheel diamond cut CNC lathe machines, be sure to know the REAL FACT.
3) How long history does this so called Hi-Tech Alloy Wheel Diamond Cut CNC lathe have?  Does this diamond cut wheel machine have a proved record for 20 years, 10 years or less than 5 years?

Please note that you are asking for PROVEN RECORD from rim shop customers, not go by the vender’s own words. When you talk with any vender, simply ask him to provide you with a list of the company names (at least 25 names in USA and CANADA, if the vender could not give you 50 names). Also, you are asking for companies who purchased this Hi-Tech Diamond Cut wheel machines more than 5 years ago!
4) The most important question should be directly asking those who have been using their Alloy Wheel Diamond Cut Machines for many years. That is, when you need another Alloy Wheel Diamond Cut Machine, do you buy this machine again?  

Lehigh MR-2540 CNC lathe has been repeatedly ordered by many production rim shops in USA and Canada. Many shops have more than one MR-2540 diamond cut machine. Some shop has 5 or 6 of the same MR-2540 diamond cut machines, doing more than 800 rims a day.