Alloy Wheel Repair CNC Lathe

Best Investment for Wheel Repair Business

Case Study Six

Real Value from Quality Wheel Repair Machine

In many machine shop practices, there have been questions about the purchase decision based upon the quality of the machine or only based upon the purchase price. This can be very difficulty decision for many new business owners when they just start a business with limited budget. Sometimes, a low price becomes attractive to those who did NOT have the work experience with the Hi-Tech wheel repair machines. The common mistakes like this can be very costly to business owners.

The real question should be: Which machine provides the best value ?

The picture shown from above is one refinished alloy wheel from one Lehigh MR-2540 wheel repair CNC lathe that was purchased at 18 years old by one well established wheel repair shop based in California, Eagle Dynamics, which has been in the rim repair business for more than 25 years.
The following picture is also provided by this company when the above rim was just completed with the machining process before it was removed from this old lathe.

A top quality Lehigh MR-2540 Wheel Repair CNC lathe is still working great after 18 years in customer’s shop. Seeing is believing.

The following is the testimonial from the Owner of Eagle Dynamic, Mr. Terry Baker.

"Still on the job after 18 years. This Lehigh MR-2540 CNC lathe was the first purchased from Lehigh Machinery . It has given us great service and still produces a top quality machine finish. We recently had to replace the mother board in the pc. We contacted Steven at Lehigh who has always been available to help with any problems or answer any questions. In a short time we had this machine back on the job. Because of the trouble free service from our first Lehigh MR-2540, we have also purchased a MR-2940 model to handle larger diameter wheels. It also produces a top quality machine finish."
Eagle Dynamics, Fresno, CA
This is one of the many examples from production wheel repair shops in USA and CANADA. When you are in the process to establish your business, what is the most important investment is a top quality machine which is capable of producing the top quality products at the first place. Also, your best investment should provide you with a top quality machine which runs for many years with trouble-free working record. When you have succeeded in your wheel repair business for many years, you may look back and say something to yourself, that was a good buy !!!
On the other hand, the low cost machines imported from other part of the world will not produce quality product at the first place. Also, the fact that you should expect lots of troubles with the machine quality and poor service from other part of the world will make the cheap machines very expansive for the long run !!!